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Shots from Mysore Zoo

Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens(aka Mysore zoo).Oldest and most popular zoo in India(by Maharaja Sri Chamaraja Wodeyar in 1892) Stretches more than 100 acres Have more than 1400 specimen comprising 160 and above species, representing more than 25 countries
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Muziris diary: പട്ടണം(Pattanam )

Pattanam excavation is one of important part of Muziris heritage project. The site is located in place called Pattanam(or Pattanam kavala) which is 8 KM from Kodungallur and 25 KM from Cochin (North Paravoor). The site, which lies at the mouth of River Periyar, tells 3000 year old story of an ancient port city called Muziris. There were six major port city, specified in Sangam literature, among them was Muziris(Muchiri pattanam). Although, Muziris, a long lost port city, was specified in many ancient script,literature travelogue and maps,the exact location of this long lost port city was not found for great number of year. Historian argued on the location of this port city, and some says it was the same present day Kodungallur as the ancient port city. But, depend on the various scripts and travelogue,ground surveys,research and experiments reveals more accurate location of this long lost port city along with hard historical importance for Kerala. Archaeologists initiate the excava…