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Muziris diary: പെരിയാർ തീരം

Muziris Heritage Project (MHP)is the first green project of Govt. of Kerala and the largest heritage project in India. Muziris heritage project, now a major trourism venture, stretches between North Paravoor in Ernakulam district and Kodungalloor in Trissur district.
Muziris's history goes possibly 3,000 years back. In ancient time it was one of the major urban settlement and port city. Connected by both land and water, peoples came here in ships and other carriers from various places, cities many part of world. Assyria,Babylonia, China, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Arabia,Phoenicia etc were all came here. Mentioning of this port city have found in Myth, old literature and travelogues of various. Depiction of this old town found in Ramayana, King Asoka's Rock Edicts, famous old Tamil poems (such as, Chilappathikaram) etc. In ancient time Muziris was known as Murachipattanam. In Ramayana, Murachipattanam is the place where Sugreeva's (one of the Monkey King) sleuths scurried thro…